Skype automatically changing microphone when plugging in headphones

Aug 5, 2012
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Not really development related but it’s something that has annoyed a lot of people and I can’t seem to find a specific post for it anywhere online so I’ve decided to make one.

So here’s the scenario:

You’re using your laptop/notebook (basically a PC which has a built in Microphone) and Skype is logged in behind the scenes. You plug in your headphones for to listening to music and/or watch a video. Later on you decide you want to use Skype but when you call someone they can’t hear you, what’s happened?

Well the chances are that Skype has changed your microphone settings because you plugged in headphones whilst logged in. It’s an easy problem to fix and it’s even easier to stop if you know what you’re doing.

On Skype go to Tools > Options > Audio Settings and select the correct Microphone source. Once you’ve selected the correct source then uncheck the option “Automatically adjust microphone settings”.

Click OK and your problem should be solved. Hope that helps people.

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