5 Days of VBA – Day 4: Excel Protect/Unlock all Worksheets

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So it’s day 4 of 5 and I’ve decided to go Excel VBA…… The following code snippet will allow you to protect or unlock all


5 Days of VBA – Day 3: Table Manipulation using VBA

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Day 3 and I’ve decided to continue with Access VBA and focus on using VBA code to manipulate tables. Here’s a few one line code


5 Days of VBA – Day 2: Exporting data from Access to Excel

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Right, it’s day 2 and so I’ve decided to focus on one of the most useful pieces of VBA code I can think of which


5 Days of VBA – Day 1: Return a record count

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VBA is not the golden boy of programming but if you’ve had the pleasure of working in a corporate environment with non-techie people it can


JavaScript Popups

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JavaScript popups are all over the net and if you’re creating a site, chances are you may want some kind of easy popup code, so


Simple JavaScript and PHP Refresh Page Code

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Looking for a simple way to refresh a web page in code, Javascript or PHP? Then here’s the simplist way you can do that: Javascript


Control IIS from Command Line

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The following commands will be useful for any server admin looking for quick access to basic IIS functionality. Usage:     iisreset [computername] /RESTART –


Windows 7 – Web-based Remote Desktop

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Here’s a handy guide for all those who have finally made the jump to Windows 7, setting up a web-based remote desktop interface through IIS


Outlook System Folder Names

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Ever imported a mailbox into Outlook only to find that all of the system folders (Junk Mail, RSS Feed, Outbox,etc) have been duplicated and therefore


SharePoint 2010 – Physical Versus Virtual

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The obvious advantage to virtualisation is the reduction in hardware costs though the following needs to be considered. Virtualizing Web servers and application servers The


SharePoint 2010 – Overview of the Advanced Search Functionality

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Sticking with the theme of the week, SharePoint 2010 Search functionality, here is a overview of the functionality and enhancements. SharePoint 2010 includes all of the