Upgrading SharePoint 2007 to 2010 – Why not start with Search

Mar 07, 2012Comments off

One thing I’ve spent a lot time working on over the past months is the best way to upgrade a SharePoint 2007 intranet to SharePoint


SharePoint 2010 – Add an Enterprise Search Center

Mar 06, 2012Comments off

After a busy period at work and a serious home desktop upgrade I’m back and ready to blog. So my first proper blog of 2012


SP07 Simple JavaScript Web part Slideshow

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So you want a slideshow on a SharePoint 2007 page which cycles through items in a list one at a time without refreshing the page? You


SharePoint 07 – Change “Specify your own value” to “Other”

Oct 28, 2011Comments off

Came up with a request to change the “Specify your own value” label on a survey to “Other” so after spending quite a bit of


SharePoint – Redirect users after submitting

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If you want to redirect a user once they have submitted an item to a form, rather than returning to the default list page, then


SharePoint 2007 – Dropdown Change Events

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Right here’s a nice quick one for you for those SharePoint 2007 users still out there. I’m going to use JavaScript to calculate and populate


SharePoint 2007 – Dynamic YouTube content

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Here’s a little something I’ve been working on recently that might interest some of you. I’ve been designing and implementing a SharePoint 2007 site containing


SharePoint 2007 – “Print List” feature

Jun 23, 2011Comments off

Here’s a quick solution for anyone that would like to quickly produce and print a printer-friendly version of a list view – a feature very


New Video – Preview Pane for SP Calendar

Jun 15, 2011Comments off

Following on from what I posted yesterday I’ve created another video how to which is now on YouTube. The video guide I’ve put together today


MOSS 2007 – Custom List with Horizontal Radio Buttons

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Today I’ve been looking at a way to have a row of radio button, no dissimilar to those found in a survey when you create

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Creating a Knowledge Base Site – Part V

May 24, 2011Comments off

So Part V here we are. The first four parts have focused on the main functionality for adding to the site and creating categories and

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Creating a Knowledge Base Site – Part IV

May 20, 2011Comments off

Back for another installment of the Knowledge base site I’ve been putting together, now we’re on to Part IV, setting up the wiki for the