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Creating a Knowledge Base Site – Introduction

May 12, 2011
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Today I began a project at work to create a knowledge base of the Web Development team I work in. Unfortunately due to certain restriction imposed for security I am unable to use some of the great templates already out there so I decided to design and create my own.

I thought that there might be a few people out there with similar issues so I thought I’d document the project in the hope it can help some of you out there. Essentially what I’m trying to create is a SharePoint collaboration site to hold both a documents library and design and development documents and also a Wiki library for step by step how-to’s.

In order to make the most user friendly site I’ve decided to look at some blog technology and recreate that in a way that creates a dynamic page based on categories and tags associated with documents and wiki pages. It sounds reasonably simple I’m sure but when you start thinking about it in detail, how to maintain tags and categories it does start to get a little bit more complicated.

Luckily for you guys I’ve already gone through a lot of the pain and come up with an interesting way of implementing such a site using nothing more than built-in functionality and JavaScript. The main idea being that anyone, with basic administrative access and skill can recreate this site for their own purposes, no installs or imports required.

First thing to do before we get into more complicated stuff is create a new team site containing the following:

  • Admin Access
  • Document Library
  • A custom list called “Wiki”
  • A custom list called “Tags”
  • A custom list called “Categories”
  • SharePoint Designer Installed

Get that together and we’ll catch up tomorrow.

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