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Windows 7 – Web-based Remote Desktop

Here’s a handy guide for all those who have finally made the jump to Windows 7, setting up a web-based remote desktop interface through IIS on your Windows 7 machine. This guide is designed for Windows 7 Ultimate edition (64 bit) but should also be compatible with the 32 bit version.

1.   Go to Control Panel
2.   Programs and Features > Turn Windows features on or off
3.   Internet Information Services and select the check boxes for Web Management Tools & World Wide Web Services.
4.   Download and install tswebsetup.exe from the following location:…DisplayLang=en

5.   Go to Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager
[NOT IIS 6.0 Manager]
6.   Expand the tree and click on Default Web Site
7.   On the right side of the screen under Edit Site, click Bindings
8.    Click on the web site and click Edit
9.    Change the port number to your preferred port designation (3389 is the default RDP)
10.  Under Manage Server on the same screen click “Start the service”
11.   Set-up your router and firewall to accept your designated port

To connect to the Windows 7 machine from a remote computer simply go to your internet browser (Internet Explorer is recommended because of the nature of Microsoft web based apps) and enter the URL as follows:

http://Server IP Address : port no/tsweb

For example:

Hope that helps guys.