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SharePoint 2007: Using server-side code in ...

Mar 28, 2011Comments off

If you use the Microsoft Office SharePoint Designer to add a new page to your site, you will see that it looks just like any


How to remove the link border from IE

Mar 27, 2011Comments off

Here is a brief post to help you with a browser compatibility issue with Internet Explorer when adding images with links to your site. The


Populate SharePoint list form fields with U...

Mar 26, 2011Comments off

Following on from my last couple of posts, here is a nice piece of code that allows you to pass URL parameters (For example passing


Modify SharePoint List form fields with Jav...

Mar 25, 2011Comments off

This code creates an array of all of the list form fields on a page and, in this example, creates an instance of the “Name”


5 Days of VBA – Day 5: Sending E-mail...

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It’s day 5 and I thought that this code snippet might be useful for any of you budding VBA programmers out there. If you’ve got


5 Days of VBA – Day 4: Excel Protect/...

Mar 23, 2011Comments off

So it’s day 4 of 5 and I’ve decided to go Excel VBA…… The following code snippet will allow you to protect or unlock all


5 Days of VBA – Day 3: Table Manipula...

Mar 22, 2011Comments off

Day 3 and I’ve decided to continue with Access VBA and focus on using VBA code to manipulate tables. Here’s a few one line code


5 Days of VBA – Day 2: Exporting data...

Mar 21, 2011Comments off

Right, it’s day 2 and so I’ve decided to focus on one of the most useful pieces of VBA code I can think of which


5 Days of VBA – Day 1: Return a recor...

Mar 20, 2011Comments off

VBA is not the golden boy of programming but if you’ve had the pleasure of working in a corporate environment with non-techie people it can


JavaScript Popups

Mar 19, 2011Comments off

JavaScript popups are all over the net and if you’re creating a site, chances are you may want some kind of easy popup code, so