SharePoint Admin Shortcuts

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The following table contains a list of URLs that can be added to any site link in order to reach different areas of the SharePoint administration


SharePoint 2010: How To Enable The Developer Dashboard

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For the first time in a very long time I’ve been dabbling in SharePoint 2010 and so I thought I’d post some of the wondrous


Windows 10 – How To Unlock God Mode

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The full release version of Windows 10 has been out for a couple of weeks now, people are still getting used for Microsoft’s new operating


Preview: Hands-on with Windows 10

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On September 30th Microsoft unveiled their newest operating system, the successor to Windows 8.1, Windows 10. Some have questioned the name, asking what happened to windows


Javascript Carousel modified for Touchscreen swipe actions

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Recently I’ve been giving this site a bit of a makeover in an effort to make the site look and feel as user friendly and


HTML/CSS Floating Footer

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It’s becoming more and more popular in sites, especially where mobile technologies are now taking over as the prominent browsers, the floating footer. Creating a


Sharepoint Error Reading File Repair Tool

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A problem that seems to occur occasionally in SharePoint Designer when editing pages with custom made data views is that when you’re trying to open


SharePoint 2013 Advanced Feature Benefits

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The following is a list of some of the primary advantages of SharePoint 2013 over SharePoint 2010. Search Unlike SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013’s FAST search


Create a custom Web Part

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Today I’ve decided to post a step by step tutorial on creating a basic web part in SharePoint 2010, I hope you enjoy. This should


Skype automatically changing microphone when plugging in headphones

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Not really development related but it’s something that has annoyed a lot of people and I can’t seem to find a specific post for it


Modify your SharePoint Best Bet Search results

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Just a quick run down on how to keep track, add, modify and delete the Best Bets search results on SharePoint. Best Bets are relevant


SharePoint 2010 vs Sharepoint 2013

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If you’re looking for a good overview of the functionality offered by Microsoft SharePoint 2010 vs SharePoint 2013 then here you go..


MOSS 2007 – Custom List with Horizontal Radio Buttons

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Today I’ve been looking at a way to have a row of radio button, no dissimilar to those found in a survey when you create

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Creating a Knowledge Base Site – Part V

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So Part V here we are. The first four parts have focused on the main functionality for adding to the site and creating categories and

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Creating a Knowledge Base Site – Part IV

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Back for another installment of the Knowledge base site I’ve been putting together, now we’re on to Part IV, setting up the wiki for the

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Creating a Knowledge Base Site – Part III

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And so I return with more on my little project to design and build a Knowledge base site which is both simple and elegant. So

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Creating a Knowledge Base Site – Part II

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Sorry for the delay in continuing the Knowledge base tutorial, I decided to take a well deserved long weekend and relax. Anyway I’m back on

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Creating a Knowledge Base Site – Part I

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First just a quick recap on my previous post…… I’m putting together a Knowledge base team collaboration site in SharePoint and have decided to create the site

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Creating a Knowledge Base Site – Introduction

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Today I began a project at work to create a knowledge base of the Web Development team I work in. Unfortunately due to certain restriction


Modify SharePoint List form fields with JavaScript

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This code creates an array of all of the list form fields on a page and, in this example, creates an instance of the “Name”


SharePoint 2010 – Physical Versus Virtual

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The obvious advantage to virtualisation is the reduction in hardware costs though the following needs to be considered. Virtualizing Web servers and application servers The


SharePoint 2010 – Overview of the Advanced Search Functionality

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Sticking with the theme of the week, SharePoint 2010 Search functionality, here is a overview of the functionality and enhancements. SharePoint 2010 includes all of the